Changing some basic things in rural schools

At Dharti, we believe strong companies build strong communities. Not only do our operations at project locations enhance economies by providing local job opportunities, our company support the communities where we operate through philanthropic giving and volunteerism.

In our endeavour to make a positive contribution we have an initiative in the form of a philanthropic arm – “Smiles across the Miles” to support the overall development of the education environment in a given school. Accordingly we plan the up-gradation process.

For example in a Government run school that lacked operational funds, we rebuilt the toilet blocks ( Swachh Bharat Abhiyan ) and the kitchen, and reconstructed the drinking-water facility. Repair works were carried out to fix broken and unhinged doors and windows as well as to waterproof the roof. Once these basic works were done, we had children-friendly furniture, soft boards and black boards fixed in the classrooms. The internal and external walls were all painted inspiring the children and motivating the teachers.

In terms of immediate impact, for one, the attendance at schools had increased drastically inspiring other schools in the vicinity.