Strong Communities Can Strengthen Our Company

Dharti recognizes that the sustainability of our business depends on how well we manage the impact of our operations.

Our corporate governance is a reflection of our value system encompassing our culture, policies, dealing with suppliers and relationships with our stakeholders. Integrity and transparency are key to our corporate governance practices and performance and ensure that we retain and gain the trust of our stakeholders at all times.

Our principles will serve as a foundation for all areas of our business and we will continuously improve our performance and set measurable objectives and targets which shall be reviewed at appropriate intervals.

Code of Conduct

Every employee is responsible for his or her own actions, and proper business conduct and ethical behavior are fundamental conditions of employment. Any employee, regardless of job or title, who observes or becomes aware of unethical or unlawful activity, is obligated to report such activity immediately. Employees are also urged to discuss any concerns regarding improper conduct with the appropriate individuals.

We believe that our actions should always be guided by our core values of honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, dependability, respect, and citizenship. Our rigorous internal controls, business values and focus on controllership help us create enduring client trust.