Dredging & Reclamation Works (Phase II) for Paradip IOCL Refinery

Dredging & Reclamation Works (Phase II) for Paradip Refinery Project near Paradip..


To set up an Integrated Oil Refinery cum Petro Chemical Complex for Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL).


Dredging and reclamation activities for leveling and grading of oil refinery expansion at Paradip under phase II works. Reclamation area to be elevated from +1.0m to +4.0m spread over approximately 445 Hectares of low lying land exposed to subsoil waters during tidal variations. Reclamation sand available in Jatadharmohan Creek (without disturbing the stability of the sandspit) to be transported hydraulically over a distance of 17-22Kms.


DDIL depolys dredgers on time charter through a Joint Venture with Hung Hua Construction Co. Ltd, Taiwan (HHCCL).

Work Involves •Total area is prioritized in 8 sub zones as per onshore construction sequence. The Backwash management includes pumping off water to a distance of 4Kms by passing creeks, low lying and sand trap areas.

  • Installation of 750mm shore pipeline for about 26Kms (including sunken line of about 1Km) through different terrains comprising of forest land, creeks, CRZ areas,low lying areas, Sandsmounds. Filling of low lying areas with borrowed sand from a distance of about 20Kms.
  • Use of High capacity Cutter Suction Dredger with cutter power of 1200 HP having on board two 3300 HP power pumps and one 1000 HP submerged dredge pump to meet the requirement of the quantum of work and overcome the pumping distance.
  • Dredged sand pumped hydraulically to the reclamation site through pipeline covering a total distance of 27Km including floating, sunken and shore pipeline. Use of an additional dredger of same capacity as booster in synchronization with additional 4 booster stations to pump the dredged material to the required 27Kms.
  • Reclaimed material levelled using 25 dozers to the design level covering 445 Hectares.
  • Oozing of subsoil water in the nearby villages and farm fields, the reclamation area is curtailed to 350 Hectares by forming an earthen bund with stone protection for a length of about 10.3Km.


DDIL completes project in compliance with high safety standards.


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