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Dharti uses its in-house survey crew and equipment to conduct hydrographic and topographic surveys to support our operation at various dredge areas. With a variety of hydrographic field equipment we can use our boats locally or fit portable equipment for use on locally available vessel.

Our experienced surveyors use the latest instruments and software to ensure a fast and cost effective field to finish solution. We often use topographic survey to tie in the upland areas into our hydrographic surveys to provide our clients with a seamless survey though the tidal zone.

Dharti's range of survey equipment includes:

ALN Murthy

  • Positioning Equipments
    1. Trimble® SPS855 GNSS Modular RTK (Real Time Kinematic)
    2. Vector VS131 Receiver – Dual Antenna Positioning Receiver
  • Echo Sounders
    1. Reson SeaBat 7125 – High-Resolution Multibeam Echosounder System
    2. Echotrac MKIII – Single-beam Echosounder
  • Auxiliary Equipments
    1. Digibar Pro – Sound Velocity Profiler
    2. Motion Sensor Units (DMS-05)
    3. Tide & Wave Recorders
  • Topography Equipment
    1. Total Station
    2. Auto Level
  • Software’s
    1. Hypack Max
    2. PDS 2000
  • Drawing & Mapping Software’s
    1. AutoCAD Civil3D
    2. Auto-plotter
  • Survey Launch
    1. Breeze